CanyonWave is your local internet service provider offering the latest in wireless technology to provide high speed access to the world-wide web. Our pricing is equal to or better than that of any other service, and you won't get lost in the shuffle the way you do with large providers. We can provide you with a broadband connection up to ten times faster than that of a dial-up modem, even faster if you need it.

Our service is "symmetrical", not like DSL or cable which provides good downloads and slow up loads. CanyonWave is the same speed up or down. Our service uses a small external radio modem to send and receive data to the internet. The units are mounted to the outside your residence (similar to a satellite dish but much, much smaller). 

Our sales team will set up a site survey appointment at your residence when you're available (not like the other services where you find yourself waiting around for them).

Installation is quick and simple. .







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