Q: How does it Work? Back to top

A: Canyonwave's delivery of high speed internet access to you is provided by fixed wireless. We install an external radio modem that is connected to to your computer via ethernet cabling to your ethernet card in your computer. The exterior radio modem is pointed towards our access points, your data then travels to our edge routers, and finally, to the internet!

Q: How long does it take to get my service installed? Back to top

A: First, we come to your home or business and do what is called a site survey. This usually takes 30 minutes. If your location is qualified for our service, we can discuss our service levels and requirements or answer any questions you might have. Then we will set up an install date usually on weekends or weekday mornings. The install takes about 2 - 3 hours, depending on your site's needs. Occasionally, we will be able to do the site survey and the install on the same day!


Q: Is this faster than DSL? Back to top

A: Canyonwave Internet is comparable to most forms of high speed access. Most people using our basic package see over 10x the speed of old dial up! Unlike DSK or cable, our plans offer the same speed up and down.



Q: Can I have more than one computer hooked up to the connection? Back to top

A: Yes, you can add as many computers as you want through use of a standard or wireless router. There are no additional charges for more than one computer.


Q: Which operating systems do you support? Back to top

A: We support Windows 98/2000/XP/MAC OS8.6 to 10.x and above. For all flavors of Unix/Linux, you will need to know how to configure your own machine (most people who use Unix/Linux already know how to do this anyway)



Q: How do I know if I have an Ethernet card? Back to top

A: Look on the back of your computer. There will be a jack, shaped like a phone plug-in, but it will be a bit wider than a phone jack.

Q: What speed packages do you offer? Can I upgrade and how long would this take?
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A: For now, we offer three packages to residential clients. Business clients should discuss their needs with one of our representatives. A speed upgrade can be set up usually in hours, sometimes minutes, depending on which coverage area you are in. Your equipment will not change and we do not charge any setup fees for this transaction.



Q: Do you offer static IP addresses?? Back to top

A: Yes and no. Canyonwave Networks are using what is known as "private addressing". Since our customer base is mostly residential, this is not a problem for 99% of our clients. We do not allow any form of server on our networks so the need for static/public addresses is quite low. We do run what is called NAT or address translation at our edge routers which gives a small boost in security to most clients anyway. What we can do for a small monthly fee, is give you a public to private static connection for those that have special needs for home offices etc. We have a limited number of these types of connections so justification will be needed. Canyonwave realizes that the public internet address space is shrinking fast so we follow public IP preservation practices.



Q: Do you offer guaranteed speeds or uptime? Back to top

A: No we do not. Please remember that we are a small growing company offering service to an area that has little or no high-speed access to the internet. We are not a multi-billion dollar company like the phone/cable conglomerates. We do not have hundreds of field techs or unlimited resources. This is a best-effort service and we will do everything in our power to provide you with exceptional service!! For a more technical explanation please read your contract, or give us a call.





Q: Is this equipment safe to be around? Back to top

A: Absolutely yes...although we don't suggest putting it against your head for long periods of time!! Actually, all of our equipment is FCC certified and is in no way modified. Your wireless home phone can transmit more energy than our radio modems.




Q: What about security? Can my wireless data be intercepted? Back to top

A: This would be very expensive and difficult for someone to attempt. Your data travels across radio waves using a proprietary encryption method, not like typical home wireless set-ups. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF YOU DECIDE TO USE HOME WIRELESS ROUTERS, ACCESS POINTS, AIR PORTS, ETC... YOU SHOULD PROTECT YOURSELF WITH ANY SECURITY MEASURES WITHIN THE EQUIPMENT YOU USE. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO BEYOND THE ETHERNET CARD IN YOUR COMPUTER!!!!





Q: Isn’t there a potential problem with interference from home wireless routers or my phone? Back to top

A: Canyonwave Internet uses higher frequencies than the typical home wireless gear you might buy at Best Buy, Fry's, etc..



Q: Does wet weather affect the network? Back to top

A: Generally no. The frequencies utilized by our radios are lower than most other high band microwave equipment. We have seen sattellite tv get knocked out before our radios even show the slightest fade.



Q: What support hours are available? Back to top

A: Our current support hours are 10am -10pm Monday thru Friday - weekends are install days, so leave a message and we will get back to you!




Q: What issues do you support? Back to top

A: Our support responsibility is to make sure the services you've contracted for (a connection, email,) are functioning correctly. Assisting you to set up your connection the first time is important, as well as helping you to set up your connection if your computer has crashed or has been re-installed.

Helping you recover your system when a program you installed trashes your Windows system, or helping you understand HTML tags is an unrealistic expectation and is outside of our support responsibility. As your ISP, we are not your computer school or free computer repair shop. If you need advice on selecting a company to fix or repair your computer, please contact us. We know a number of companies who specialize in PC repair and we highly advise their service.

If you have other questions feel free to call or e-mail us anytime!








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