Canyonwave is a local wireless internet service provider bringing high-speed access to Aqua Dulce, Acton and surrounding areas. We are continually expanding our service areas in order to provide everyone with the best possible service.

Please check our coverage area maps below for your location. If your property is within or near the highlighted areas, chances are we can provide you with high speed internet access!!!


Aqua Dulce
Aqua Dulce #2
Crown Valley
Escondido Road
(coming soon)
Juniper Rd. Area
Penman Rd. Area
(coming soon)
Shannondale Rd.

Coverage Area Map Phase 1

  Coverage Area Map Phase 2  
  Coverage Area Map Phase 3 (Penman Rd. area)  
  Coverage Area Map Phase 4 (Juniper Valley Rd. area)  
  Coverage Area Map Phase 5 (Shannondale Rd. area)  




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